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Saturday, June 04, 2005

I am back!!!

Finally exam over edi.... Yeah... i will have 10-day of holidays before i start my internship with RSM... Cool but sad. I'll be this super cheap labour in the labour market but high-pay among the VTs... Pai xei pai xei.

I dunno how bad i done for all my papers but as long as i finished it. Now i dun want to worry abt how many i get through and how many i need to resit for it. Well, after exam, went to Ikano for dinner @ Manhanttan.. Dearie rewarded me with a Flamming Platter for One... But i throw all the chips and 2 prawns to his Pacific Baked Dory.... Wahahaha.. i ate the garlic rice and the fish... So nice... Happy.... and very full... Then went to Padini Concept shop tot of looking for a pair of working shoes.... Yes, i found a pair and Dearie agreed that it's nice too.. but the size is too big for me. Told the sales assistant to check for me.... tomolo need to go to One U to get it!!! Nyek nyek nyek... Then went to Popular to buy Caren's bday present. Bought her this Chinese Dictionary. I remembered that i only have mine when i was in standard 5. My class teacher cum chinese teacher, Ms Low, wanted us to buy... so buy loh.... But when i went to Popular, i dunno which is the right dictionary. So have to bring 2 big and thick dictionaries to go look for the person-in-charged. Requested her to open me the dictionary to see wat's the diff... Not much, just the brand i think. So i decided to buy the one that she recommended.

Done! Bought her present... Kau Tim.

Then went back to The Curve where we park "jason".... Then went to G2000 to see whether there is any working skirt or pants... Size was too small, need to go One u to check tomolo also... But bought a long sleeves shirt... in orangy... Dearie agreed to buy too.... Hahahha...
Muak, dearie... A big kiss for ur good taste and patience!

Gtg now to sleep, so tired!!


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