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Monday, April 17, 2006

No Reason is Not a GOOD excuse!

I can't sleep last night...
And I remembered something happened to me few months ago.

I said: Dear, I want to watch the movie, "XYZ" with you when you are back.
He said: Ok!! You check the time first and book the tickets. When I come back, I can watch with you.
I said: So there is one at 4.30, 5.50 and 7.30, which one do you want?
He said: Hmm... 5.50pm lah... I'll be back!
I said: Ok..

But I can't get to book the tickets.
It's fully booked!
I was thinking since it's holiday, so we can watch even mid night show lah...

But the next day, this happened to me.
I called him.
He didn't answer my call.
He texted me back with this.
"In the cinema."
Then I replied "What show are you watching?"
The reply from him is "XYZ" - the movie that I said I wanted to watch with him when he is back.

Oh!! What the fuck is this??
I told already I want to do something with you and you are doing "that" something with someone else.
Respect me a bit can ah?
I was so pissed.
If I didn't mention that I want to do something together with you, I don't mind you do it with someone else (first).
This is shitty and he didn't think he did anything wrong.
We ended up with a WAR!
We watched "XYZ" but I don't really feel nice because we didn't share the thoughts/comments anymore after the show.
The feeling is like I was watching and he was sleeping...
Something like that lah though he didn't sleep.

The only thing he told me is he found no reason to decline others' invitation to watch the movie and he found there was nothing wrong watching it first without me.
Ya.. I know it is hard to decline the invitation but you can watch some other shows lah.
Lagipun, you were sitting the first or 2nd or third row.
The prob is we promised to do it first!!!

But now we reached an agreement...
Whenever I said I want to do something together with him, he has to keep the priority for me.

The above is what happened to me.
And suddenly something came into my mind last night because of the good reason of being no reason to reject.

The conversation below is based on the imagination of Miss LPS.
If you are below 18, I advice you not to proceed further.

The husband has been posted to some other work place for a day or two or for a week or more.
So this is the conversation between the husband and wife.

Wife: Hubby, I miss you so much.
Husband: Oh, Lou poh! I miss you too. It's killing for not seeing you even for one second.
Wife: (So happy) Oh really? Then ah... when you come back, we must have great time
spent together.
Husband: Sure no prob!
Wife: We must have good SEX ok?
Husband: Yayaya.. No prob... I would love to!

Then the next day.

Wife: Hubby, where are you now?
Husband: On the bed.
Wife: My hubby is such a good boy... Sleeping so early?
Husband: No. I'm not sleeping.
Wife: So, what are you doing huh?
Husband: I'm having sex.
Wife: WTF? Why are you having sex with other?
Husband: It's because I find no reason to decline her invitation or else she'll feel very unhappy and I find no reason that I can't do it first without you because I have nothing better to do.

You get me?
Men like to use "NO REASON" not to do something as excuse!!

I hope my future another-half will not do this to me...
Or else I'll put his "important part" into the mixer.

Btw, I think the present another half will not betray me this way.


At 4/18/2006 10:48:00 AM, Blogger Iris said...

warh lauu.. ahahah damn funny lor! ahahaha The way u put things right P.S.. Classic man.. ahaha But was it a female he watched it with? if me i also dun like lor!

At 4/18/2006 11:28:00 AM, Blogger Baby Princess said...

It's a group of people inlcuding male and female.

I still remember I saw a post in Eric's blog. He said he waited for you to watch Wars of the Worlds together.


At 4/18/2006 12:25:00 PM, Blogger PoSHDeViL said...

Haha.. I love this post. fark man. I alwiz get this oso.. "No Reason". wtf? Guys think "no reason" is the best reason.. and that sucks.

At 4/19/2006 09:03:00 AM, Blogger Wizzerd said...

The husband admitting that he is in the midst of having sex with another woman?? The honesty level no doubt is good, but a bit idealistic.


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