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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Happy & Wonderful Moment!

Location: Mutiara Damansara

He needs to get his banking transaction done @ Ikano Power Centre..
I am still having a sore-throat thus I can't have heaty food.
I dragged him to Sakae Sushi.
I told him "Bill is on me... No worry... I want to wallup all the sushi"

Sakae Gree Tea

I didn't take pictures of the food because we were too hungry having lunch @ 3pm.
The food there is good..
I like the Teriyaki Chicken Don.
It's better than the one in Nippon Tei @ Suria KLCC with higher price.

When we were done, it was raining cats and dogs out there.
We were trapped, as you know there was no roof to crossover to the shops.
Now I think having open-aired street in the middle of the shopping mall is a bad idea.
And the cleaners wre sweeping the water at the corridor.

Anywhere we went to MPH even it was raining.
We walked to 1st floor and from the Bar/pub, there is a little roof, so we ran towards the shops at the walk.
We did some reading there before I finally decided to buy the books.


With some careful calculations, I bought 2 books for myself and one for him as promised.
The amount exceed RM 100...
So I will be given a free mug...
I wanted the mug so much.
I din want to buy the shopaholic series and with the price of the 3 books, I will not be given a free mug.
So he "sacrificed" himself by eating bread for the following weeks...
Bought a book for himself so that I can get the mug.

I'm just kidding...
He is gonna kill me if he reads this...
I shouldn't made him sound so stingy/kiam siap.

They are giving free bookmarks...

The mug that I wanted with PS, I love you printed on it.

I was supposed to wake up early today....
But I only slept at 3am so I really can't drag myself out of the bed at 8.
But still we managed to go to BUBS at BU11.

People there are good..
Not those lansi rich people you see everywhere.
I'll let you know more on this later on...
I'm still exploring.

Location: SS2
Went for lunch there because I was craving for hawker food.

Familiar right??
Ya.. It's kopi. Only RM 1.20 nett.
If you asked me if it does have any differences from those kopi in the modern kopitiam(s), I'll tell you.... Ya.. a lil bit.. Maybe the coffee powder used and of cause the price. But still huh... They are named KOPI.

Chee Cheong Fun

Sabah Mee @ RM 4.
I haven't had this for ages....
Quite good but I got jelak after eating 60% of that.

Went to One Utama after that because I'll be having dinner with my family at 6pm.
So we went to some where near and do some sight-seeing.
I saw this:

Why the hell am I smiling happily when I saw her?

Had Coffee Bean because The Malaysian Women's Weekly gave out coupon for coffee..
Don't ya wish it's ice blended??
No... never.
It's a Brewed Coffee.

Coffee for survival!
I was so sleepy..

Went to this place at Bandar Menjalara.
Wisma Fiamma.
The restaurant named North Ocean Seafood.

Place for dinner

Posing before the seafood got killed.

My first family photo for the year.
My dad, 2 sisters and niece with me.

Fresh Tiger Prawn

I didn't take many pictures of the food because they were too hungry..
I only took one.
I'll upload maybe tomorrow because I forgot.

The bill came to be 4-figure..
Oh shit...
But it was on my sis' bf.
Thanks a lot!

Comment on the food...
I don't think they were very good like I will want to return for another time.
But they were good lah...
We had
1. sweet and sour pork (There were 4 kids.. So they need something for themselves)
This dish is good.. In fact, I love it.
2. Steamed Prawn
It is just a plain dish of tiger prawns..
For us to taste the freshness of the prawns.
Okay.. Good.
3. Fresh Oysters
This is wonderful.. I like their special sauce.
4. Fish (Soon Hock)
Very fresh.. But the sauce was a bit salty.
5. Some King Clams in Garlic sauce.
I don't really like this..
Hard for me to digest them..
6. Crabs... One big crab!!
Steamed with egg white.
Good.. This is good.
7. Veggie
Normal only lah.. I can cook better!
8. Dessert
We had different types of desserts.
The Read bean soup there is good...
9. Fruits
Bad... Sour and not sweet.

4 figures for a meal...
My first time if I'm not mistaken...
But I had good time with my family
I hope we can have more of this dinner.
Not necessary that we need to go for expensive food..
But the importance of attendance of the family members.

Ok.. Btw..
I want to show you something.
I bought my first feaking lottery.
Passed by the shop @ SS2..
And I was just thinking to try out for fun.

I got only one number out of the 7 numbers drawn today.
Wasted my 1 ringgit.


At 4/10/2006 09:07:00 AM, Blogger Wizzerd said...

The ghost woman kindly obliged to take pics with you..She is trying hard not to smile, lest she will look less scary.. Wonder how she looks without the make-up. The movie shown on promotion is actually Water Spirit.

At 4/10/2006 09:10:00 AM, Blogger Wizzerd said...

The food was looks good but overpriced, but the place must be meant for those corporate/business/post-contract signing meals.


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