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Saturday, April 08, 2006


Yesterday, I was in such a bad-tired-sleepy-frustrated conditon.
Not for any particular reason.
I'll just blame it on the PMS Witch!!!!
I don't always use this as excuse but for this time only.

Went for the very last MA lecture.
As usual, did past year questions...
When class is almost over, we found out the answer was not right..
So this very "KIND" MA lecturer gave us house his phone number.
Told us to call when we have prob.
I was wondering...
Usually I'll do my work late at nights when everybody else sleeps and I can hear even the cat jump over the wall and meow-ing for its other half food!
Should I call him when I face problem doing the question???
Should I???
Not that I'm worried that he was awakened by me... but I'm worried that he will get me more confused.
þ Bleh!!

Went to One-U...
Had bowling session...
I tell you honestly in case you don't know.
I just can't bowl!
I have the most cacated hand for bowling.
My body and hands are simply not in sync.
One facing the pins but the other facing the food court.
I smelled some mouthwatering coffee aroma.
(I mentioned I'm dying for food now)
My blardy hand just act differently... Not the way I wanted!

Me ~ The no-skill-bowler in action

Happy bowling but I sprained my lower back.. not the bone but the muscles!
So f%&king painful.
I have problem in walking now.
How can this happened to me??
Other than I have no skill...
I have no style too.
and and and...
I don't bowl..
I just threw or let the ball bouced on the floor...

Bowling... bowling!!

The score for the 1st game:

Gosh... I'm getting 80 for the first time!!
And I have a strike man...
What a luck!!!
The fella was not very far ahead from me...

I don't have the pic for 2nd game.
They turned off the pc too fast when I was removing the shoes.
But I honestly admit that I got a lower score than the first one...
It was a wonderful game!

Headed for dinner immediately after the game was over.
The stomach was making noise and knocking the wall.
Hinting me that it needs something to keep rolling on and function well.

Had dinner @ MyNews Cafe.
It is located at 1st floor of the Promenade.
Near the Hush Puppies apparel outlet or Blay.
The food was not bad.
Check it out!!

Set of the day.
Prawn, Fish served with rice.
I like the fish better than the prawn.

With a tomyam veggie soup.
The taste was quite strong.
Not those diluted-tasteless free soup you get.

It comes with a free drink.
We made it a Iced Lemon Tea.

Fried Spicy Udon
Not bad lah....
It's cheap...
Only RM 7.90...
plus the service tax.

Oh ya ya...
They don't charge prevailing govt tax.
And you can read there for free.
By paying the price of one, you get 2 benefits.
Good? Happy???
Note: I neither have any connection with them nor I get paid for blogging about this.
I told you, I just love FOOD..
I'm drooling for FOOD.

I was watching the 25th Hong Kong Film Awards.
I wasn't catching the whole event because I wasn't home.
But I knew Jay Chou got it again for the Best New Performer after the Taiwan Golden Horse Award.
Not that I don't like him or what but he just looked so ...
I wonder who told him he'll look good in having moustache.
It's just not to my liking.

But anyway, I was waiting for the Best Actress award.
Because I never want or never think Sammi Cheng will win.
I wanted Zhou Xun to win and she got it!!
Good good...

I think the movie Election worth watching since they bagged so many key awards...
If the story was not worth watching, you'll still have Simon Yam or Tony Leung Ka Fai or Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Louise Koo to keep your eyes on...
I prefer the first and third.
But i haven't.
Watching it tomorrow, perhaps.
And yucks, I don't like the show Everlasting Regret..
Can't speak in mandarin properly but speaking in mandarin.
I think if Zhou Xun or any actress from Mainland China or Taiwan would have done better with their pronunciation.
I watched for 10 mins and switched to another show just because her diction irritaites me the most.

Though Perhaps Love did not win the key awards but still they got what they deserved.
The songs are very very good... esp with Jacky Cheung's voice on it.

I heart them!

I heart love story eventhough the ending was not a happy one.

Congrats to everybody!!


At 4/09/2006 03:39:00 PM, Blogger YngYng said...

ps, u r not alone, my bowling skills sucks too. the ball juz bounced on the floor when i let it go and joe laughed at me. dunno wat happened to da bowling lessons that we took during high school, hehe...

At 4/09/2006 08:32:00 PM, Blogger Damien|ダミエン said...

Wah u keep posting spicy food make me feel like goin back and eat them d, anyway perhaps love is indeed a good movie, good presentation, good emotion, just slightly lack of twist, but overall is worth every penny u spend to watch it.


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