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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Something is wrong with me!!

I took a nap in the room as mentioned!
But still I'm sleepy.

At 6pm...
I was already hungry.
But it's impossible!
I have taken my lunch at 12.
A big pack of Indian rice...
Since the gastric attacked, I am feeling hungry easily.
Easily man...
I eat a lot but still I will be hungry fast.

I'll be gaining weight for sure if it remains this way.
So I have to think of the best way to minimise the food consumption.
I don't want to get fatter!!

Kat was asking about CF Chapter 7 and I am not there yet.
I'm still at chapter 4.
Feel like skipping chapter 5 because it's a very long chapter.
You can understand them easily but you have to memorise all those facts... killing me!!

I was watching 女人我最大.
They were showing foot spa..
Izzit foot spa or foot scrub?
I think I need to go for the spa too...
The dead skin caused by wearing heels will be more and more...
And I don't want them!

I'm going back to the MA past year questions now...
Figuring how to do them!!



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