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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Qing Ming

My uncle, aunty and cousins are in town.
They drove back yesterday morning for praying.
Izzit call praying or something else??

Yesterday, my sis drove my cousin and her husband-to-be and I out to Mutiara D'sara.
They did shopping in Ikea..
They love spending in RM...
We had tea there...
The Curry Puffs there are fantastic.. I love it so much.
The hot dog is not bad though!

Then we walked around The Curve...
When they left for Tesco, I stayed in Borders to finish up The Undomestic Goddess.
Whatever you say..
I started this book in March when he went to MPH and I have nothing to do there.
By that time, I read a few chapters...

On Friday, my house has no electricity and I was not feeling well in the stomach..
So i gotta leave my house and have lunch.
I went to One Utama....
and I wasn't really in the mood for doing shopping alone.
So I went to MPH to read.

Since I sat there....
I've never want to leave even to toilet because the story was funny and it was attractive.
Luckily I brought my medicine along..
Or else I'll be feeling very bad..
I can't get to finish my book.
2-3 chapters to go before I left because I need to rush home to bathe and to pick him up in Shah Alam to send him to Hentian Duta to take bus home.

So yesterday, I wanted to stay and to finish that when they were doing their shopping.
and YES!!! I finished it.
It's my first book in ???? years!
I can't remember if I finished any other books in this few years...
I started Shopaholic and Sister but I didn't have time to finish it when the book was with me and I returned it to Kat already.
But I think The Undomestic Goddess is better.
Because it does not link up story from another book.
If I really want to read the Shopaholic series, then I really have to start from the first book!

I just love it!!
He is so proud when I told him I spent hours reading this book...
When I told him that I was in MPH, he was so shocked!!!
Plus I was there for sooooo long!!
We were talking about this poem in the car..
Here it goes:

I'm glad that I can still remember this...
It has been raining since the past few weeks...
I know..
To be logical, it's the monsoon season!!
But anyway....
This Qing Ming Jie is a day to remind us of our ancestors.
Visited my mom last Sunday..
What about you?


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