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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Travelogue V

It's the last day in Thailand.
Woke up early, because I need to pack.

When everything is done...
Took some pictures from the hotel room...

At the balcony
It's the sea that you can see from the balcony.

Pattaya town

When we were back to BKK...
The driver sent us to MBK Centre..
For me... hahahah!!
I requested to do my shopping there.
But I din really buy anything there except FOOD!!

First, we went to food court!
Oh ya.. I forgot to tell you...
The breaky provided at the Golden Beach Hotel SUCKS the most!!!
So we were in hurry looking for food!

We had:

Glutious rice with mango.
I think it cost 50-60 baht..
Can't remember!
But not bad!!!


Bananas in Coconut Milk (Pengat Pisang)
This is cheaper... I think 35-45 baht.
The coconut milk is so so so so so so THICK!!!
Jelak for me...
But he said it tastes GOOD!
Maybe this is because it was my first time eating dessert like this.

Because it was too boring for me to do shopping only in MBK...
So we walked to Siam Discovery Center..
Thinking of to discover something.
Actually... I thought it will be like Suria KLCC where they have something for us to explore...
But there is none!! (I think lah.. Because I can only see shops)
It's just a shopping mall...
It's not new... But it's definitely better than Suria KLCC!
At least they have Diesel..
I'm not talking about the Diesel with B.U.M equipment.
I'm talking about the real Diesel... and it's also not the fuel.

On the pedestrian bridge..
Can you see the jam down there?

From MBK Centre...
You can walk to Siam Discovery Centre....
Then to Siam Centre...
From Siam Centre, you can link to Siam Paragon.

Siam Tower
This is outside of Siam Centre if I'm not wrong.

Lamborghini with me @ Siam Paragon

Lunch @ Food Hall in Paragon...
The place is quite cosy.
They have mini aquarium everywhere in the foodcourt.

Now.. I want to ask a question.
Which shopping mall has the best food court in terms of taste, environment and price?
I think Suria KLCC has the best environment because it is clean.
Oasis Foodcourt in Midvalley has the best food at reasonable price... In fact, I would say it is cheap!
But all these lose to Paragon's FoodHall.
Because it has beautiful setting.
Food wise.. it was not too bad.
Price... of cause it is more expensive than those stalls by the roadside lah!
You can give it a try.

Looks like Char Kuey Teow!

I dun really like this because the omelette was too crispy as it has the name Crispy Omelette with crab meat stick!
Nasi Pattaya in KL is still better.

When it's about time that we were supposed to meet up with the driver....
We went back to the same place where he dropped us at MBK Centre.
I took some pictures when we were waiting because he was late.

Colourful taxis

Look where the gear shaft is!!

We were on the van.

On the way to airport

We have KL-Ampang Elevated Highway..
They have theirs!!

The sunset before I left

On the highway...
You don't get to see anything... because it was too tall!

Look... This is the airport .
We were almost...
Another U-turn will lead us there!

Amazing Thailand...

I was waiting..

Kimi was there .

What I bought home...
Bag, Bathrobe, slippers, Green tea and cute milo, Thai Silk and Honey.
The Green tea with honey is real nice....
I like it so much!

Friends in the airprt.

Flight delayed...
The plane took-off late some more..
Landed at KLIA ater 12am.
So my Thailand trip from 4 days 3 nights had been changed to 5 days 4 nights.
Worth the money...
It was a wonderful trip and I am missing Chatuchak....
The next time I go, I'll get every single colour of the Thai Silk shawl.

Btw... our centre is their center.
So it is Siam Center over there!


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