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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dinner @ Asia Cafe

I went for dinner at Asia Cafe, SS 15, Subang Jaya on thurday.
There are plenty of choices for food...
In fact, I think there are more choices than SS 2 and Ming Tien @ Taman Megah.
But it it a lil too far from my place compared to the other 2.

I had this

Yummy Takoyaki..
6 for RM 4 in a box..
It's cheap...
But I think those in Jusco taste a lil better but more expensive.

We had this too:

Butter Milk Crab @ RM 12.90

Fried Man Tou @ RM 2.50 each

For the crab... it looks cheap when you see it is only RM 12.90.
But when I saw the crab served... I think it's more expensive than you eat crab in the shop.
It is because the crab served was so small....
Sigh sigh sigh...
I still prefer Restaurant Wong Poh @ Bkt Mayang Mas.

I want to find out if there is Dry Glass Noodles in Soy Sauce during my next visit to Asia Cafe because I think I saw people eating that...
The Glass noodles I like was in Kepong Baru..
But I am not sure if the stall is still there not....
I had that when I was still a kid...
So many years ago!!!


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