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Friday, April 14, 2006

Ramen Ramen Ramen

Was in Sunway Pyramid on Wednesday.
Not for shopping...
Just for a meet up.

Dinner @ Ichiban Ramen, next to Fantasy, the cd-shop.

Char Siew Ramen @ RM 13.90++

Spicy Ramen @ RM 12.90++

I love the Spicy Ramen though it tastes like those Curry Noodles you can get in food stall...
It's because I don't really like Miso Soup ramen or anything like that.
If I were to dine in at Oh! Sushi again, I'll definitely order the ramen in spicy soup...
Yeah, I don't like paying tax..
Therefore, I should start attacking the hawker centre before they start charging govt tax and service tax.

Now I'm craving for white sauce pasta.
I know it's fattening but I haven't eaten them for so long.
I'll show you the pic if I get to eat that!
Friends, no worry, I'm watching my own weight.

I'll tell you something.
The Dutch Lady 0% Fat Yogurt Drink is very nice.
They have 4 flavours: Lemon Lime, Peach Passion, Strawberry Raspberry and Orange Mango.
I love the one in Peach Passion.
Worth trying.

Come come come...
I show you something..
It's my so-called "artistic" work.
Sorry ah.. The pic is a bit too big!

Me, the Koala Bear on the branch of the tree!
I love the colour of the pic!!


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