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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sien ah sien ah...

People, i'm in the office now.. reading again. Now i'm reading on my accounting stuff. All the ratio analysis. Finally, i see something familiar. Time not so hard to pass... coffee also got taste. But my eyes are tired. Caz i din get enough of sleep for 2 days.

Came out today at 7.09. Went to market to get my breakfast... need to find marking, walk.. finally, got my breaky. Worried abt traffic jam caz i dun want to sit in the car for one and a half hour again. So sien... and frustrated. Today, wasn't that bad. One hour travelling.. ok.... if travelling everyday, i think i'll get really bored.

yah, AM said that my colleague will arrange something for me to do when she comes back from appointment. Happy.. but doubt about my ability.


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