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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Another boring day

Hiyo, i was so tired last nite. Wanted to watch the fave drama but can't stay awake and go to bed before the show finish. I think it's the same for Dearie. Hahaha, he even slept earlier than me but he woke up earlier by 10 mins.

Few more minutes to lunch time, they are having a welcome lunch for 4 of us. There is a new girl today. Btw, i can hear the GM - LCH talking on the phone from my place. Can you imagine how loud she actually talk? She doesn't intercom ppl to tell them to go into her room. She just raises her voice a little bit, so everybody can hears she is calling anyone of us.

I have nice and friendly colleagues. They are busy doing their own stuffs. AM told them to aggregate some jobs to me, but they are too lazy to explain to me so they are doing on their own.

Ok, it's lunch time now... ciao!


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