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Monday, June 20, 2005

I'm not feeling well today...

It is a new week, again MOnday.... I'm so so so tired still. Maybe i din get enough of sleep. Maybe i cried too much, maybe i din eat enough of food... So many possiblities.

Well, all i want to say is today I was too lazy to get up from my bed caz i'm not feeling well, i have headache and feel like vomitting. I decided to wake up caz my car blocked Dearie's car, i need to remove it so that he can go for work. He was sitting next to me to wake me up, gave me morning kisses but in my mind, I was thinking can i go to work today? Okay, finally i decided to go remove my car first then only i decide whether to go for work not. Once i get out of the room, tot of going to wash my face & brush my teeth... I opened the gate next to the basin... I threw up... the amount is small, no worry. But after that, i threw up again.. Eiya... So disgusting rite? Well, let me think. What caused me from throwing up?

No. 1 - The "Asam-tomyam" veggie i just swallow without chewing?
No. 2 - The dim sum i ate?
No. 3 - I din eat for too long in a day?

Well, I'm afraid of Tom Yam since the KLCC trip... Sigh.. Oh ya, i just recalled that i actually ate Maggi Hot Cup in Tomyam flavours on saturday nite while i was watching Astro Talent Quest.

Sigh..... No more tom yam when dearie is not around. I'll suffer like hell just becaz of the craving and the laziness... When these two become one = vomit

I'm waiting time to pass. I dunno if i can stay up to 5.45pm later. But i'll try myself. I know i'm having this headache that can never be cured. Came out late this morning, so gotta take the PLUS highway. Jam all the way... onli one small part that is smooth.

Yawning every minute.. sien ah! I miss my bed!


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