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Monday, June 27, 2005

2nd Malacca Trip.

Went to Malacca on 12th June... I was making noise that i din get to go anywhere during my one-week break before i start my internship... hehehe... so we decided to go to Malacca again and shop because it's near so we dun need much planning.

Woke up at 6.30am... and left at 7.10... Malacca, here we come!

On the way to Malacca.... Our second trip!

It's only 30 km away... maybe another 15 mins.

The road is clear, it could be less than 15 mins if i'm not mistaken...

Can you see this cute thingy that i circled up? What does it look like? Hahha... Let you guess wat is it for actually.

Finally... We are there! This is the Alor Gajah toll along the North South Highway. Do you actually notice something? The roof is different from the KL one! :)

Cute and nice! But what is that actually?

This is where i stay over last year!

In the city centre... Eiii no car one? Oh, it was still early.. only at 9.

Yeah, get to eat the chicken rice ball.... Woohoo..... so hungry. This is wat we ate for breakfast!

It's photo session after breakfast..... Say cheese =)

Me with the flowers I love flowers!

Yeah.... the same place again!

Yeah, Jonker Street walk now :)

I still dunno why i like this door... It's cute...

The Durian E.P.C that we missed last time.... Get to eat this time since it is still early!

It was a shopping trip before i start my internship... In mahkota parade...

This reminds me of MR LCG.... Looking at this thing will give children happiness... So lame... But it makes me feeling eating them .....

Jusco in malacca.... Will it be different?

This is tha Malacca flag...

On the way back.. The board shows... TERIMA KASIH SILA DATANG LAGI (Thank you please come again)

Din miss the correct turning...

Highway again...

Go JB next time, but not now lah....

KL is 128km away... Near!

nice scene

This is even nicer...

Traffic jam.... f*&^K

Reach KL abt 8 i think.....  

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