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Friday, July 29, 2005

What happened???

This morning, we had a small argument. I confiscated the nokia. I dun understand ah, why People must be so secretive? Is there any big hiding behind so that you have to be so secretive?? I felt so much ofended. I wonder who am I to you? Now i would say i dun give a damn. I paid my price when I showed my temper. Now you must pay your price too when you make me feel upset.

Back to the 2nd ipoh trip. I'm still very very very pissed. And i must tell people that get to read this. If you don't think you can understand your juniors' feeling, you better dun call yourselves SUPERIOR or SENIOR.. you are just trying to make fun of yourselves. If you dun think you can be a boss, the shut the f&%k of your mouth to yell at people. People are people. They are human. They are not animals that you can yell at so that you can release your anger. I am seriously addressing this matter. I hate people that think they are great enough to ask people to do things for them, to clear all the shits that they left over, to do whatever they dun like to do.

Please shut all mouths and dun think you are great enough to be in the corporate world. You are just COVERING YOUR OWN ASS and YOUR BOSSES' ASSESSSSS and your BANKER's ASSESSS. That's your daily job. Being in this corporate recovery line, you cannot put the receiver and manager or the liquidator in trouble. Becaz you are using their names in all procedure. Anything happened to you, you will get fired IMMEDIATELY. So anything you do, you are thinking twice... no no no.. actually not twice... you think before you sleep everynite.

Are you happy???


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