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Monday, July 11, 2005

Badminton Semifinal

Went to watch this Malaysia(n) Open semifinal on saturday.. Lucky lucky got tickets, caz friday nite can't get ticket...

Saw our very own "Jaguh Kampung" ~ Mr Lee... same surname... Lee Chong Wei at the entrance, but that time i was too stupid, forgot to take camera out to take his picture... Sigh... Stupid me!

Bought these tickets, thought of it's sure to get seats 1 lah, but wtf, there is no seat.... STUPID TICKET AXESS... bad management, money sucker... Ended up sitting at the staircase... When these men sitting beside me went to collect things ppl throw to them to blow, i sat on the seat.... There is memang enough place even if these 2 men sat back.. But what happened you know? This stupid bastard actually said "Why must you sit here?" He did not sound this way.. He speak stupid rude cantonese... SO RUDE... I HATE THIS BASTARD... Of caz i answered "Now you dun have enough place to sit?? You are very fat meh?" Then he said "Just want to get comfortable seat mah" Then i said again "Now you dun get to sit?" He started scolding vulgar words.... I was so damn damn damn angry, wanted to slap him... but dun dare

I think "comfortable then go home to watch lah"... you pay the same price, i pay the same price and you expect GSC gold class watching badminton, dun dream.... This is wat i think!!! He some more gave me one kind of look, but of caz i opened my eyes big big and looked back at him.

Hello, MEN... Do you want is gentleman?? TRUE... WOMEN are fighting for equal rights, but still there is courtesy... I bet this kind of man sure never attend school.. Dunno how to respect women. I bet he doesn't have a gf that's why watching badminton game lonely-lonely with another man.. Pai seh wei.. i got your photo... and i'll remember how you look actually. Dun let me see you anymore!

Btw, Lin Dan looks better than Lee Chong Wei.. heehehehehe

Bought ticket to watch Semifinal.. Venue, date, time, prices are all there... Can see???

Can see the label?? I sat far away and the lighting wasn't that good... Still i get to watch them live...

This is the f&^king bastard the fought with me... I curse him for life.... that he won't get a gf...

Lee Chong Wei is surrounded but all media after winning the game vs Bao ChunLai..

The NO.1 supporter????


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