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Friday, July 08, 2005

Terrorists, F%&K YOU......

I send my deepest condolences to the London families that lost their papa or mama, children or siblings....

I dunno how much time these terrible f-ing terrorists took to plan to kill all these busy working people. People that are involved are all on their way to work. Harlo, Terrorists, they are earning for a living ok? They aren't you.... Dun need food dun need anything, just need to know is there anybody die becaz of your "well-done" job? I wonder where the hell are your brains?? You might probably left it somewhere that you don't even know you have lost it??? I doubt that if you die, your frens will be happier not?
I wonder who fed you with food when you were young?
I wonder you know how to read?
I wonder who taught your "knowledge"?
But all these are too f%&K up....
Becaz you aren't human that with heart and feeling...
You ARE NOT HUMAN is the conclusion.

I would pray to any GOD that you'll get your punishment very soon... No matter to Buddha, to Kuan Yin, to Jesus, to Allah, etc.... Just because you are killing innocent people...

Pic of Blair during Gleneagles's statement.


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