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Monday, July 18, 2005

Pic on trip to Ipoh

On the way to Ipoh... Honestly, this was my first time to Ipoh. I was so happy to see all these nice view especially i dun have to drive, just to take pic... Thanks AiVin for the arrangement!!

So G-R-E-E-N... Good for your eyesights. Malaysian, pls love them. Love the nature!

We reached within 2 hrs i think after picking up the 2 sis at the KJ LRT station... No car mah... not speeding!!

We were turning right to Chemor.... The factory is located at Chemor but we are going to Tasek to makan 1st....

This is the HK roasted duck, so crispy!! Yummy.... Dun miss it if you are going to Ipoh! It at Tasek.. I can't remember the name of the shop but it is next to some clinic.

We were kinda poor, so only ate these for breaky....

After breakfast, it's time to work... This is the factory, a big one!

This is Boon Teng, pretty sis of mine in the office!

On the way back. Sg Buloh is just 13km away... but my car is at Shah Alam...


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