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Monday, August 01, 2005

Diet Plan...

I decided to go on for a diet plan... I want to get a little bit lighter and thinner at least until 43kg.

I declare my diet plan will start on Engsiong's birthday which is on the 2nd August. I will not stop eating at all. I'll begin with eating lesser. I will not finish everything on my plate anymore. I will leave a bit up even if you say that i'm doing food-wasting. This is becaz I'm on diet. I will not eat salad like mad... caz i dun like them. If i eat them, i'll eat them with lots of mayo and thousand island. So i deside to leave them alone until i drop to 43kg.

I will not eat fried food..... except fried rice...hahahha.. sorry ah.. I love rice... but i won't finish the whole plate, ok?? I won't eat fried chicken.... I'll eat grill chicken. At least not so oily. I'll eat more fruits.

Wait, but i love McD's chicken Mcdeluxe.. so tasty... Okay, i promise, i'll eat mcD only once a month. I ate on the 4th of June, then one fine rainy day in July (forgot the date) then 30th July when meeting up with Eu Jin and ex-colleagues.... Okay, i'll eat only once in August, but not sure when... hehehehehe....

Oh ya, i like Subways too... next time i'll tell them not to put so much of mayo and thousand island.... put more pickles... hehehe.. more more .. i also like them alot.. Wah, seem like i love lots of food... True, i dunno how to define nice and good food but if once they are in my mouth and i love them, i'll always crave for them... hahahahhaa

List of food that i like:
1. McD - Chicken McDeluxe, Grilled Chicken Foldover, McNuggets, Filet-O-Fish
2. Burger King - French chicken (the ham taste so yummy)
3. Italian Tomato - Tiramisu
4. California Pizza Kitchen - BBQ Chicken Pizza
5. Kim Gary/Wong Kok - Cheese Baked rice - Fish or chicken 1...
6. Section 17 kopitiam - Pork Ball noodles, Kuey Teow Soup, Prawn Fried Rice
7. SS2 Hawker Centre - Fried kuey teow, lok mei tong shui, HK chu cheong fun (I'll find out the stall no.)
8. Sweetly - the breads and buns and swiss rolls from there are very nice
9. The malay store opposite the car park next to wisma RKT located at Jalan Raja Abdullah - Nasi Goreng kampung, nasi goreng USA, tomyam
10. Manhattan Fish Market - Flamming Platter, Dory Pacific Fish
11. Souled Out - Carbonara (Best one i've tried), some grilled chicken or chicken maryland (I can't remember), Vietnamese Style Chicken (together with rice and egg)
12. Murni - Lychee special and mango special, cheese naan.....
13. The japanese restaurant in Tropicana golf and country resort - almost everything is nice
14. Wong Poh - Butter Crab together with man tou
15. Oasis Foodcourt in Midvalley - Portugese grilled fish (No. 1 grilled fish that i like), the noodles stall - Pan Mee and Prawn mee, Durian cendol, the Eddie's meal also not bad (worth trying)
16. Chow Yang Lam Prawn Mee - Prawn Mee
17. Apollo (in sg buloh) - almost everything is nice for the price
18. Cowboy Corner (mamak stall near Jln Yap Ah Shak) - fried rice, maggi mee goreng, chicken rice
19. Bread Story - Flossy signature
20. The Hong Hong (i think this is the name) - Ampang Yong Tau Foo
21. Bak Kut Teh located @ Jalan Raja Laut - the rice with onion oil is very nice, bak kut teh also not bad
22. Sakura Cafe & Restaurant - Nasi lemak
23. 1901 - Sokin Ted, and their hot dogs... i like new york chicken and something twins lah
24. Subways - turkey breasts, turkey ham with parmesan bread
25. Italianis - I used to like the spaghetti there... but now i think it's no longer nice.. i like their free bread with vinegar.... hahahahahah
26. Oh Sushi - Ramen (I onli eat the spicy one)
27. Nando's - i like eating their peri-peri grilled chicken
28. New Chee Yung - Fried Hokkien Noodles... (please dun order beehoon when you eat there, it tastes horrible)
29. Hock Lee - Fried Kuey teow
30. Vegetarian stall @ Wisma Perdana and along Jalan Damanlela - their vegatarian dished not bad, but i dun like the veggie they cook....
31. Ali Maju - Tosai telur
32. Sg Buloh Pasar Malam - Fried carrot cake, Asam Laka(old stall, best that i've tried),
kau ji, yam cake, kuih, some pancake that you can see in pasar malam but taste in Pandan
33. SS2 pasar malam - Salted chicken and cakes form the stall with yellow plastic bag
34. Vanilla Box - Mashed potatoes
35. Tesco - their potato wedges are nice, you can buy one pack and go home to fry yourself... they dun sell ready cooked 1
36. Kenny Roger's - Muffins
37. Fish & Co - Seafood platter for two...
38. Loh Wong - Ipoh taugeh chicken hoh fun
39. Monte's - Escargots
40. Claypot House located in DJ opposite KDU - tomyam claypot rice, salted fish claypot rice

So far, these are all i can recall for the moment. It might not into your taste, but i enjoy myself when i'm eating them. I still crave for them until now.... YummY

Oh ya, i saw a farking damn Naza Ria this morning... Stupid driver.. i curse him.. i curse that he will get stomachache this midnite until he cannot sleep.... Simply cut lane... Sure license kopi 1 lah... the number is NAZA 892.....


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