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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hair Cut day

Met up with Kat in One U, window shopping with her for an hour then she left home to fetch her sis to tuition. Talk about tuition, both of us wanting to get a tuition job too!!! MONEY - we need you! I dun like money, but i need money!

Had my hair today at Dry Cut... Promotion again, so it cost me RM 27.50. Not bad, i like this stylist. He doesn't look charming, but he has the attitude. Hmm.... Note here first, i just like his hair-cutting ok?? Dun get me wrong.

Went too SS2 to have my dinner. Ate Asam Laksa and Chee Cheung Fun... There are people singing, but i dunno the purpose of the function. Maybe it's bcaz of the Lunar 14 July???

Kinda normal for me these few days. Nothing big!


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