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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My 2nd last time driving to work...

3 more days.... and it's the end of my internship. Kinda sad but still i need to go back to college for my final year (i hope). Tomolo i'm not driving to work, so this is my 2nd last time of driving myself. Enjoying the scenery... but ah... these are what i saw lah!

On the way to work. Near Jln Duta toll....
Wanted to take a clearer picture... so i wound down the window.... damn smelly lah....

On the way back - This is bad... on Sprint Highway.
Again, it is smelly... but damn, the cars were so slow... Cannot see meh???

Mana Eastin Hotel???

Now i can see...

Hiyo.. went home straight. Din want to eat out also... The air stink....
I dun want my food smell like burning noodles or rice.

We terpaksa cancel the makan trip to Teluk Gong becaz of this stupid burning smell and haze. Gotta postpone it!!!!!


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