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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I miss Odie....

Yesterday, i have a great dinner at the Fasta Pasta (the 9th month).... It's F.O.C. The prize winner belanja... Hahaha... We ordered a small bowl mushroom soup, a spaghetti marinara and something monte carlo. Supprisingly, they dun have penne????? They gave us their homemade maccheroni. A lot more bigger than macoroni!

The mushroom soup was so so so yummy. NO worry, i have the pic in the digicam. I din get to upload them caz when i reached home, i was too tired to do anything else... **

Well, when i was home yesterday, my niece told me that the pet - Odie - die.... I was like "HUH?? WHY?" Then she started to tell me the story. I cried... i miss the dog. I want Odie to be alive. That time my sis was on the phone, when she finished, i asked her wat happened, then she said "Odie is still alive... he is in the clinic... the mouth bone disjointed and he hurt his face"....
I was so happy.... I miss Odie so much... and thinking maybe we'll go see him today after work in Taman Megah.

I learnt a lesson. I must treasure what I have.


At 8/09/2005 03:24:00 PM, Blogger Wizzerd said...

To treasure something we have is better than to be regretful over something which had happened. No point crying over spilt milk. This Odie episode is a second chance.(You thought that it had died, but it turned to be alive, albeit injured)Well, not many times we have second chance in life, let alone third. fourth chance.. So, if you want to do something , do it..or you will regret it afterwards.


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