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Thursday, August 04, 2005


Oh no.. i forgot to bring digicam home yesterday. Aiya, what was I doing ah? Useless me. Wanted to upload all these tak-tau-memandu-drivers' car pictures.. i took a few only lah.. but quite fun too to do it in a traffic jam. Hey, let you guess, when will there be no traffic jam in the morning when you are driving to work ah?? Please dun tell me 6am or 6.30am.... i just want a smooth driving even after 8am... How i wish!

I hate missing things and missing people. SO next time, i'll keep things properly with me. If possible number them and build a list. Hahahah.. Missing people?? Erm, so san fu. Better not lah. Not like it is returnable. And return does not mean anything anyway...

I took the pils to sleep... f*%k the pils... not functioning well..
After taking that, i have headache like every part of my head...
dun buy dun buy.... it does not work the money..
the brand is P------....
will try another one soon and will tell you the result.


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