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Monday, August 15, 2005

My colleagues

Nah..... these are the pictures taken on my last day and the day before. Most of them are here except GM, Aman, Yin Huei, Kerry, Lian Mei, Azlina and Alex.

BoonTeng and I. We are like sisters. We always tease and laugh at LKF. Hahahaha

Vangie and meself. She is as thin as chopstick but she can eat a lot wei....

Joyce aka Er Jie (2nd sis) of mine. The one at the back is Angela aka Da Jie (eldest sis). 3 of us always laugh, talk, joke and do work together.

GM's secretary - Seow Lai

BoonTeng and Seow Lai

Mr Kenny Lin and meself. Nice??

Very dark huh this picture. On my left is Ms Lee Ai Vin... She is the assistant manager. High efficiency. I bet you can't beat her!

Soon Kit, the new senior consultant of the firm. He joined RSM on the same day with me but i left before him!

Latifah in Red and Ying Yi in black. Both are the senior consultants in the firm.

The group picture..... Intan (in glasses) hiding at the back....

Mr Arul Gunendran, the senior manager - friendly and cute.


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