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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Big Spender....

After using 8 months of Biotherm.... I plan to switch!!
After the recommendation of Boon Teng and Brittaney, it really sounds great... Elken - the direct sales company has very good product that come from Japan.
I wish it is really great for me too... Hahahaha.....

Fetched Brit home and head to EK1 to check out this..... Got them finally!!!
And they are 10-year-old now!

Nice paper bag.... Creative!! I like the IO - 10.... Hahahaha..... with a big red heart!

This set of new skin care cost a bomb.... Combination skin people needs more thing I think :P
Caz everytime people tell me to buy 2 moistuirizers....

4 of them... use daily!!!

Somebody insists to sponsor me this... I'll think about it!! If by next month, I dun have enough money to spend, then I really need the sponsorship!!!! :)


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