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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

DIY meal and DIY rack

Yesterday, I decided to cook!!! Not to eat out..
Everytime I eat out, I'll gain weight!! Becaz the portion provided is always more that what I need.
So I'll be bloated!

Dish of the day: Fried Macaroni

Talking about this fried macaroni, I had them when I was in Form 1 in school.
Used to have lunch provided in school for a year. This dish came one of the day. It tasted not bad other than they put too much salt.... hahahaha

Oh ya, actually I went to Carrefour @ Subang Jaya.
I want to get this small little rack to make my room looks tidier....

I bought
small little prawns - RM 0.89
Macaroni - RM 3.70 <--- You dun need the whole packet... So can save up and use another time
French bean - RM 0.48

That's all I spent for the meal

The ingredients: French bean, onions, eggs, meat ball, prawn and garlic!

Boiling macaroni.

The assistant!

The food....
The macaroni is a bit soft becaz i boiled them until fully cook!
But if you really want to try, better boil them till 3/4 cook!

I dun have any recipe... I just cook the way I like....
I just cook it like fried rice and I'm not very good in frying rice....
I think you guys can cook better....

After dinner.....
Assembled this with a volunteer....
Bought the DIY rack at RM 16.90
I think I can actually get cheaper one at Makro... But it's too far...
Maybe another time!!
I'll definitely has more thing to put in!


Volunteer is fixing the screw!!!

Kau dim.....


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