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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Review II


They went to visit the factory on the 1st of Feb @ 10 am. The gate opened and they entered!
There was some funny show welcomed them to the factory and the trip started. One scene to one scene. The 1st one was the "jungle"?? Izzit? Everything there is made of chocolate... and the highlight is the fountain. The fountain water mix with the chocolate to produce the best candy in the world. The fat boy fell in the (chocolate) river and get sucked up by the pipe and send the the production room. 4 kids left!

And now we get to know who is actually operating the machine and the factory. It's the Ommppa-Lummpa. They sing a song after the fat boy get his lesson.....

Then they get up to the boat, and go to the next visit. They visit a room something like "invention room". The always-get-champion girl kena here. She said she is the chewing gum champion in the world. So she tried Willy Wonka's new product. He actually stopped her, but she refused to. She became a blueberry. Left 3!

The next one is they go to the nut room. Izzit?? I can't remember the name. And it's the rich girl's turn. She get thrown into the dumping site and to be burnt. 2 more left!

And then it's the TV room since this gaming boy like tv so much. He is being minimised. Left only Charlie!

Finally, Willy Wonka tried his elevator that can go to the right and left, up and down or even flying for the first time to Charlie's house.... Charlie, of caz is the winner, is getting his prize. Willy offered him to stay with him in the factory. Charlie refused too becaz he doesn't want to leave his family alone. Wah.... very good boy hoh???

Then he made Willy to get his dad back.... The story ended in the Charlie's house relocated at the Factory.

Nice or not??

If you give me a Chocolate Factory and I have to live in there, i also dun want. I want to stay out to see the rest of the world too!!!!


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