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Saturday, August 27, 2005


I am supposed to put my review on the movie on Thurs. But something bad, real bad happened! I had relationship break down, appetite break down, mental break down, almost everything in life break down.

Well, I am the mechanic for meself!!! Will do my job daily ie check the engine, battery etc.
Okay.. Back to the movie.This show is really a show for kid and I'm not one that love chocolate, so I dun find it hard seeing all the chocolatesssss...

Well, the factory owner - Willy Wonka missing in action for very very long. Not MIA lah but nobody has seen him for ages after he annouced that the factory will be closed "for ever". I can still remember that Charlie asked why the factory is still operating now since he the owner said he wants to close the factory forever. Hahaha... Then his mom told him.... "sometimes, when people say forever, they mean for a long time!"

So next time, if people tell you "forever", you better check with them the definition of forever.

Okay, go back to the story. Nobody has ever seen people walking in and out the factory. NO WORKERS!!! Can you believe that? No, me myself dun. Must be somebody operating the machine wat at least!! Rite or not??

So one day, Willy Wonka get some people to post this note stated that he is opening his factory for 5 children to visit... What they need to do is just to buy chocolate and eat and see whether there is a GOLDEN TICKET in the candy bar. Wah, must be cun rite? Of caz everybody wants to go in!!! So after the news has spread to every corner of the world, people start buying and open the candy bad!

The first kid that got the Golden Ticket is a fat kid. I think he is from Germany. He eats a lot of candy..... Even when the reporters went to interview him, he is still eating!!! OMG!!! The father is selling some sausages!!

I cannot remember the sequence of the kid. This little girl. Quite cute and sweet, from England. Her dad owns a factory to do with nuts. She gaves her dad "order" that she wants the Golden Ticket. So her dad's workers have to open the wrapper of the candy bars to check whether there is a Golden Ticket. Finally, they found one for her.

Another one is a boy... Walau ei, this boy!! He played games like mad. (Not sure it's an x-box or ps. Dun care also.) I can't remember the story about him. Not too funny. Maybe he finished playing his killing-people-game, and he just ate any of the candy, and there is a golden ticket for him.

The forth is the very-lansi-girl. She played tae-kwan-do, i think. She won lots of competitions... that is not the point. Also, one day she eats the candy bar, she unwrapped it and found there is a golden ticket.

Gone, Charlie is so disappointed. He doens't have the chance since he only get the candy bar once a year as bday gift. So on his bday, the parents bought him one. He opened up, and found nuthing is inside... He is so sad and disappointed. The next day, he grandpa gave him the only coin he has. Told him to grap the first chocolate he sees in the nearest shop. So he did that as it is the instruction form his grandpa (Good Boy). But still they dun get.

Another day, he walked on the street. He saw a bank note!! So he ran to the shop and get one! Guess what? This time he really found his Golden Ticket. People even offer him money for the ticket. But the shopkeeper scolded the people there and told Charlie to run home. So he went home and show to his family members. They told him to get himself ready but he said he wanted to sell the Golden Ticket, but another grandfather gave him a lecture. So he still go... (If he doesn't, then there is no movie lah). So his Grandfather George.... went with him...

Walau ei, so long ah... continue another day!!!


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