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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Movie Day

For such a long time I din blog. Why?? I dunno why too. But I did update my livejournal on my weekends.

Okay. Within 2-week times (13th - 26th Aug), I've watched 3 movies. Suprise???? Yeah, I hardly visit the cinema. But dunno why, I go there so often huh? I watched Romasanta on the 13th, Bewitched on the 21st and today Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Wahahaha.. I watched with Kat today. 2 big kids in the cinema.. sighing.....

I give it a rating 5.5 out of 10. I like the scene but the story is like.... I dun really like it! Maybe I ain't a "real kid" or maybe I dun enjoy chocolate that much.

But I learnt some lessons from that movie. Gotta make a short review tomolo... Too tired to think of it now.

Btw, I met Benjamin in one U.... Hahaha... I've not been seeing him for years and I actually bumped into him today, with the gf i think!!! Hahahahahhaha~!


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