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Monday, September 05, 2005


Holiday is over.. Yeah, I'm happier today. But do you know what happened? I screwed up my exam badly.... the bad as in really bad. Guess what? Who gives me encouragement? Who gives me support? None... Ya, friends told me to think about it twice. And now I am really making myself think. Who the fuck cares about me?


You just want me to disappear as fast as I can so you don't have to wait fo so long. Cool, I get the point now. FINANCIAL SUPPORT is so damn fucking important.

People, do you know getting a rich girl is damn good? She will pay for her own expensive meal. She can pay for her own luxury hotel. If she is not rich, then at least lah, she works!!!

I learnt a good lesson in a discussion today but I dun have a chance to apply it. So just to let you know. SHE must be damn good... or damn independent!


I am damn unhappy now, again who cares?
Sleep early and wake up early, nobody cares.
Clean my room everyday, also nobody cares.
Read everyday, lagi nobody cares....

What the fuck am I doing? Who cares?


At 9/06/2005 11:53:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

pei shan,

we cant change wat has happen but we can try to make our own future better if we put in some effort. tis world is very realistic, if u have money den only ppl will look up 2 u.
since u cant change ur results, den wat u can do is to study harder to get good results in da future lor...
i noe it hurts when da ppl you cared most didn't support or encourage u, but i think we hav 2 look forward and dont think too much. if u start to think less and care more bout urself, maybe u can be a happier person.
i think i crap too much but hope u get da msg. take care!



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