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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Morning Post

Shit, it's 1am in the morning but I'm still online-ing, reading the local famous bloggers' posts.
The first one I read was He is stucked!!! Between the bloggers on the issue about Miss Wendy's trip to KL. Well, me - a Malaysian + living in KL + grown up in Malaysia, personally felt offended when I read her post! What I want to say is, this kind of things happen everywhere. If you go to HK, you'll also face the cab charging sky-high price caz their citizens dun really take cab for daily travelling. I think it applies everywhere!!! Well, maybe it's your luck!! I did hear some good-friendly-nice-honest cab driver.

Angela took a cab to a factory from office and the driver waits for her every time and send her back. I think his charges is pretty reasonable!! Okay, maybe this is after many many times of negotiations. But still there is REASONABLE one!

I dun believe that people will not change. This is one thing. Another thing is, what do you expect from a country like this? We are not fully-developed! I think in KL, it's a lot better. I have not beem to places like Kedah and Perlis. I cannot imagine the situation there. What do you expect from public toilet?

When I was on my way back from JB on Sunday. I stopped by Pagoh R&R to look for toilet! In the toilet, this happened.

Miss LPS was queing behind an Indian lady.
Suddenly, this whole bunch of (dunno) Malay or Indian or Indian-Muslim ladies came in.
(I think they are the people from Bas Pekerja which I saw.)
Then this aunty went in front of the Indian lady and guess what?? She is queing as well.
Hiyo, you know, if you go to KLCC or One Utama, you'll know that we dun que by cubical anymore!!
Then another aunty came and go rite in front to the cubical and stand in front of that.
I was damn geram... So i dun care... I walked to one of the cubical... and the door wasn't look.... Dunno why nobody uses the toilet (curious lah me).. So I opened the door, i walked in and tried to lock the door. Okay wat, nothing is wrong. Done for me!

I dun understand still!

By-cubical is not IN anymore!!! I seriously think that we que just by one line is very much faster. As long as one comes out and another can go in. Line goes smooth and the unlucky one will get her turn too. I dunno the guys wise in toilet! Feel free to comment guys.....

I think KL is good enough though there is still room for improvement!!
I believe this apply to everybody.
It is not like you are damn smart, and you do not need the news anymore! If you do that, you are just making urself dumb!

Wait, i'm not very sure what i am talking about becaz i'm half asleep! I need to get up at 6, which is 4.5 hrs ahead from now becaz i need to leave my house by 6.45 to avoid all the unnecessary traffic jam to attend Dr. Goh Seng's Further Mathematics for Economist lecture for the first time in this new academic calendar! And I want to kepoh at the new lecturer's very first lesson at UOL Microeconomics... just like what I did last yeat at the new lecturer's first UOL lecture at Macroeconomics. Hahaha...

Yours truly is going to Jalan Raja Abdullah off Jalan Sultan Ismail for lunch with AP, JL, LKF, LBT, VC and CSK or maybe more!


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