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Monday, September 19, 2005

Movie Saturday

Had brunch at Delifrance on Saturday.....
Wow... first time not eating alone at Delifrance after so long...

Penne with seafood in cheese!

Tune croissant.... Yummy..
They used the ice-cream scoop to put the tuna on the croissant.... So the tuna loooks like Ice-cream!

Soup of the day - Namely Mushroom soup lah... But it taste like the powder campur water!!
Not nice!!! Fasta Pasta's a lot nicer!!

Watched Drink Drank Drunk....
Not to say very funny... but oklah...
I like to watch Miriam Yeung caz she is really funny lah!!

Wanted to get dress for dinner... but couldn't find nice one on me!!!
Went to Cats Whiskers... Bought a top!!! Not bad not bad....

Nice sunset on the way back home!

Dato-Dato sekalian are watching the girls singing!!

L to R:
1. Can see there is a hole with no hair!!
2. Losing his hair dee....... Better go see some hair care specialist!
3. Hmm.. This one not bad!!! He doens't have the gen of lossing hair.... Good good...
4. What to say... bald dee lah!!!

These are the girls in sexy clothes.... Hahaha!

Oh ya.... I'm getting my MA textbook soon i think. MPH is having a sale next week... Good... Good!!


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