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Monday, January 23, 2006

Kluang Station vs Uncle Lim's

Went to One Utama to watch King Kong on Monday (16 Jan).
After that, we were hungry then we were looking for food.
Passed by Kluang Station and there was no crowd, so we decided to try since the shop always full with customers and there was not much that time.

I ordered:

It was a bit too sweet for me...

Asam Fish Curry
I was expecting something that taste nicer...
The look was good...
The serving was cold but luckily it does not taste like frozen food...
So I do not find it nice.

He ordered:

This one not bad...
But if uncle aunty want to drink, better tell them not to out too much of condensed milk.

Nasi Lemak with Chicken
It is supposed to come with Fried Chicken.
But we sub it to Ayam Merah.
Still ... the rice and everything on the plate is not HOT.

Kaya Toast
This is hot...

Look closer!!!
Wow.. the planta... It looks like the one that I had in S'pore.
They filled a lot of kaya... and the Kaya also very sweet.
I think this is the nicest in the shop....

Did shopping at Bukit Bintang on Sunday (22 Jan)
I was hungry around 3pm.
So ngam, we passed by Uncle Lim's...
So we decided to try it out since we want to try all the available Kaya Toast in KL after we came back from S'pore.

Nasi Lemak
This is very nice.
They have chicken and sotong...
RM 7.90
I thought they are charging the govt tax 5% but when I looked at the receipt, they did not charge that. I assume that they absorbed the tax.
Good good... Do not need to pay service tax as well.

Kaya Toast
The kaya filling is lesser compared to the Kluang Station's.
But still... this is not bad!

This is not that sweet!

1/2 Boiled Eggs
Yeah... he said this is not bad...
But I do not really like 1/2 boiled eggs...

Overall, I prefer Uncle Lim's over Kluang Station because
1. Tax free
2. Food served is still hot. Thus it makes me think that it is fresh!

I have to elaborate further about the tax free point.
The tax that I am referring to is the Government Tax 5%.
Usually no matter where you go, you still have to pay.

Uncle Lim's is a self-service oriented cafe/restaurant.
Of cause they are not charging service tax.
But look at it this way, I just go to order myself and bring the drink to the table and I do not have to pay extra 10%. Then the waitress and waiters will deliver the food to your table.
At other places where they "serve" you by taking your order and deliver food to you, they charge you an extra 10%.

If it a proper dine-in place I do not mind to pay for the tax.
But at a kopitiam....
10% extra is a bit too much!!

I still prefer if the merchants are willing to absorb all tax into their selling price.


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