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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Yum Cha Nite

Hmm... Went to Murni @ SS2 just now with Tob..
She is leaving tomorrow. Going back to Melb!!
So fast hoh...
Ask her if you want to know why.

We had Cheese Naan, Nasi Lemak, Laici Special and Teh-O-Ais...

It has been so long since my last visit there.
I ordered wrongly.
I was saying Laici Ais...
So when the lady sent.. I told her..
"Eh, bukan itu ais punya ah??"

Then she said: "Itu Laici Special..."

I was thinking "Oh shit... I want that one"

So I told her: "Boleh tukar ah?"

Luckily she is very kind..
She changed us a Laici Special...

Hahah.. for the kindness.. I must blog about that...

But the purpose to write whatever I want is to remind myself what actually happened to me.
If one day I can't remember all these anymore... I can still come back to read.
I try to blog about the happy stuffs because I do not want to remind myself about the sad thing.

It is not that I am trying to cheat myself or what..
Just that I choose to live happily.

For example,
I love to stick with my bf but he has too many people to take care of.
I know he has his own family but sometimes I need lots of his attention.
I know he tries to give me as much as he can when he affords.
But today he really can't promise what I want.
I know.. and I have to accept.
Well... I should say I do not have a choice to say I do not want to accept.
I am thinking now.. I shall make myself happier...
Every time I only say but I did not do it.
Now I really want to make it.
My happiness is by myself.
Girls without bf can survive so why can't I?

I liked to ask.. Family more important or Lover more important ah?
A very stupid and childish question.
Now I do not ask this anymore..

Dear, I do not know if you read this or not..
But I know.. You love them more than me..
It is comparable. Because your love is not endless!
There is a limit.
They are more influential.
And you do not have a choice to say whether you want them or not. You must want them.
But me... you can always just walk away.

Don't always think that I am stupid ....
I know wan, okay?

Please, my friends... If you read this accidentally..
Let me know when you are free... then we can go hang around.
But please... Dun make me spend!
I am broke!
Saving for Bangkok Trip.

Another thing is...
My dear friend, Brittaney.
We have told you many many times...
Do not stand there any more! Move on.. Move on.
If I got dumped by my bf now..
I shall move on too...
I can get through last time... I believe I can get over it better.
If my bf does not love me anymore, I find that it is pointless to be together.
Lagipun, he is like making use of you.

Back to Tob again...
I am not sending you off tomorrow...
But all the best again!
See you in December!



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