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Thursday, December 15, 2005

I hate THEM so much

You can say I am the only one.
But if you were to be in my situation...
A situation where your family members do not love you...
A situation where your family members do not give a shit of what happen to you...

I hate my second brother.
I absolutely hate him and his family.

He has no brain.
That does not matter.
The matter is he has never care about others' feeling.
He can just ignore everybody at home becaz his wife loves that.... his children like that.

I do not have such a brother.
He tried to stop me from studying.
He tried to cut my allowance.
He made me help them to buy things.

For me...
I am getting RM 550 a month from my dad's account which is distributed by my brother.
My car petrol is paid my dad.
My phoneline is a supplementary line from my dad's account.

My food is paid by myself from my monthly allowance.
My everything except hair shampoo are by myself too...
I do not have to pay for my hair shampoo because I am sharing it with my dad!
I have to pay toll, pay parking etc etc etc!

The rest of the thing is by MYSELF...
From my allowance.

My brother is trying to make me live myself with onli RM 300 a month.
Sometimes my sis-in-law does not cook.
Sometimes she cooks... but look at what she cooks and how much she cooks, you will be suprised too!
I eat at home only once in a while.
Sometimes during the weekends I do not eat at home.

Must I eat bread everyday to make myself a little bit richer?
Must I eat onli white rice everyday to make myself a little bit happier?

Tell me.
If you have a brother like this, what more do you hope from them?

All the monies that I am having is from my dad.
Not him...
Why does he want to control me?
Does he scare of if I use up all my dad's money?
Does he scare of if I fight with him for my dad's property?

If yes....
Then that is good.
I am doing that since he wants to have it as he owns that.

I told him that his kids scratched my car with their bicycles when they were riding near my car.
3 weeks ago twice...
and today again!!
I have warned them!
And do they give me a damn?

What the fuck is this?
The parents must have taught them do not need to care about anybody else in the house?
Talk about house...
They have a condo....
My dad is paying the installment for them every months...
Why don't they move there?
Can't afford to pay for the maintenance?
Can't afford to pay for the utilities bill?

They are using the same resources as me.
Why can't they be a little bit more loving?
I got really mad about that.

Everytime they make me angry, I cry.
I do not want to cry over this kind of matter anymore.

If you think that I am bad.
Yes, I am bad.
Think of what make me this way.

I cannot take this kind of situation anymore.
If one day I am gone, I would not want to return anymore.
The only thing I am worried about is my dad.
I am worried if one day we, the daughters, are not home anymore, will they actually torture or abuse him?
The kids are being extremely rude to him now even though he loves all the grand children.

My sis-in-law is even smarter.
She does not need to take care of the children.
We have maid at home.
Not only that, the kids are sent to nursery and they only come back in the evening or sometimes at night.
What kind of good life is she having??
My family is not extremely rich...
But she is living exactly like those Puan Sri...

For a bloody computer game, she is willing to pay RM 10.
The other side, they are making me live on RM 300 a month.
Yes, very good...
Some uneducated people with no brain!
I respect.

I am evil.
I am bad.

I will want to live longer and see who suffers in the end.
I will close my eyes now whenever I see the kids cry or got caned.
I will want to live better because I deserve something better than this especially I deserve some better brothers.


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