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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Baby Boy's Bday

One year once and here come again his bday on the 16th.
This is the 2nd time we celebrated his bday together.
Din buy him anything for his daily use
But bought the car registration number for his new car.
At first, he din want to choose number by just letting JPJ gives the car a normal number.
But I insisted to have a number like 2928 or 2628.
Hoping that he can earn more money... hahahaha!!!
And he agreed at the end.

I went to buy the number....
Too bad... 2628 is bought by a RUNNER.....
He offered me a price...
Guess how much???
You can choose a normal running number at RM 210
or pay RM 350 for any number you want provided it is available and it is not being tendered.
This guy offered me RM 3800.00 only.
RM 3800??
I'll rather pay this amount for the car installment or i use for my shopping!!!!
So at the end I bought 2699....
Not to say very special but sound quite good rite????

Bought him a cake...
This cake is quite nice..
Worth trying!

Dearie's Bday Cake..... Yummy yummy!

We went for dinner at Wong Poh Restaurant @ Bukit Mayang Mas.
It was our 2nd time there...
Food there are very nice.
Price... Okay... Not too expensive since its location is in PJ.
Oh ya.. They are having a promotion.
Crab is only RM 25/kg.
Another shop at the corner is even cheaper.. But i haven't tried that shop before.

Our fave veggie...

Dried Chili Fried Clams....

Claypot Butter Milk Prawn
I think this is the famous dish in the shop.
Everybody eats this.

Dry Butter Milk Prawn

Fried Man Tao
This is good especially when you dip it with the Claypot crab's sauce.....

We then went to Euro Fun Park @ Bandar Utama.
Entrance fee: 3.00/adult
There were quite a lot of people....
We onli get a ride of the Euro Wheel, maybe we were too tired or we were too scared.
But one thing is.... the ride is not cheap!
One stupid Euro Wheel cost RM 4.00/person.... even for kids!

Top Gun

What chair is this???
I went on this in Genting.... Quite fun!

Nice scene huh??

From the Euro Wheel....

The Euro Wheel....

Vortex.... Scary scary!!

That was like the first time after so long he went home right after he sent me home.



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