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Friday, November 04, 2005

My Niece ~ Sevingder's Bday Celebration

My sis' daughter had her 6th Birthday celebration yesterday.
Not exactly yesterday
She celebrated last thurs too with her friends in the tuition/piano centre.
Yesterday was the one for relatives.
We had bbq...
I didn't eat much becaz there was Pasar Malam too.
I was hungry around 6pm, so went to get myself fried carrot cake and fave sotong balls.

In the bbq, i only ate cheese sausage, cocktails, grilled fish, curry fishball, lots of fruits and drinks... I had Vodka too.. It tasted.... BAD. I dun like blackcurrant vodka.
Had big slice of cake too and the kids gave theirs to me!
I'm gaining weight!

Cake No. 1

Blowing the candles No 1

Cutting the cake No 1

Close Up

Close Up

Cake No 2

Special candles.....

Kids around.....

Cake cutting No 2


The hungry people.....


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