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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Here I am to RANT!!!!

Enough of Mourning!
Here I am back to blogging!

If you are one that knows me and see me...
You know that I'm one that is HOT tempered!
I make complaint whenever I feel somebody deserves that.
I feel sorry but yes I think you deserve that too!

I was sick for the past few days...
Fever cum headache!
Yesterday, I was in class... and suddenly they were saying HOLIDAY!
Yes!! We will be having one-week off next week during DeepaRaya!
Oh damn... I haven't gotten my Passport renewal done!
Shit... In case I'm going to JB again and AGAIN i can't go to S'pore!!
Okay.. I decide to renew my passport TODAY!

I had a very bad headache while I was planning to sleep last nite...
2 tablets of panadol just doesn't help!
Struggled till 1am... and finally, i think i fell asleep!

Woke up before 6 this morning....
Reached college abt 15 mins past 7....
Get photo taken, ic photostated....
and rush to join the crowd for NUMBER!

Oppss... I got the wrong que...
I was over at the collection divison...
Damn.... But still okay... I got No. 2053 and my sis got No. 1055.
I'm done faster than her!!
About half an hour faster!!
Just becaz of the cashier is so much slower!!
What kind of attitude?
We are paying rite???
We just want to pay!!

okay... case closed for my passport...
I dun have much to complain about that.
Renewal will take one day!
If one day then lagi bagus....
Ya... I know now they have the renewal via Kiosk.....
But that is for the Passport with Chip...
Mine is without mah...
And I don't know if my New Passport will have a Chip or not?
If not I'll add a nut! Hahahahah

I am here to rant about this stupid Car Seller located at Flora Dsara named A with the shop name Damansara Autoworld. He is the General Manager there!! Selling one of the Korean brand car....
Dearie wants to get a new car.
Not becaz of FACE...
Not becaz of the car is too old and tear...
It's the DAMN PROTON! The car is depreciating very very much... I believe my car will be worthless when I plan to buy a new car.
Well, I dun want to talk more on the Proton issue... that is already kek sum enough!

Lets talk about the ethics!!
Ethics... Not onli professional accountants, lawyers, doctors, architects etc need to have Ethics.
Even DvD sellers have ethics too...
There was once I mentioned that Dearie wanted to buy Schindler's List... Those DvD sellers in Sg Wang can get for him without telling him this and that and we wanted Wars of the world. But the seller told us it is not clear!
I dun think they go to Uni to get a degree to sell DvD...

At first, this Mr A is very nice.
He is willing to give all what others offered..
And since he is introduced by another friend, so okay... Buy from him!!
But when comes to colour.... he wanted BLACK....
and don't know how they talk about this U-Kool.... (I guess it's a subsitute for V-kool!)
He said need to pay 1500 to get that!!
When I was told about that by Dearie, I felt something is wrong becaz another seller was saying the car is very good.. Whatever we want is there already. Even if he wants to give us free also no need!
So I made Dearie to double check with him.
Guess what???
This Mr A said since he gave so much discount so the U-cool not that already. It's an option.
It is clearly stated in the list that the U-Kool is in the luxury package.
The luxury package costs about 4k... and you bloody cheater wants to cheat us??
Where is the ethics on you, Mr General Manager of Damansara Autoworld???
Don't try to tell me, you overlook the list, you din know that etc..
I believe you are experienced enough to be GM.
I believe you know all these very well then only you can lead your team well!

But look at the shit that you were saying.
You are just cheating!
Sorry lah..
We want our money back.
We dun want it from you.
There are many more sellers ok?

Never try to take advantage of me!
and never try to cheat me!

Oh yeah....
Compliments to Mr Chou of Transport & Security Dept from HUC.
I saw the new notice sticking on the bus today.....
The bus will run simultaneously at an interval of 15 mins.
At least it is better!


At 10/26/2005 12:54:00 PM, Blogger ihatechindia said...

im sorry but all i read was
"Fever cum headache!"
hahaha "cum" oh that made me laugh.
you are retarded. hahahah, cum.

At 10/27/2005 05:50:00 PM, Blogger Baby Princess said...

Hahaha... Very funny meh?


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