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Thursday, October 06, 2005

My "Sunny DaY"

Overslept... hahahah.. Not only me. But the both of us!!
I should have left my house by 745 this morning, i assumed to be the latest!!
Becaz I have a class at 830... Yeah, my fave class ~ Further Maths.

You must be thinking why is my fave class is doing maths, right?
Okay, the reason is... I will listen to Dr. Goh.
Hmm... this made me sound like I dun listen to the others???
No no... I dun mean it this way.
It's becaz if I miss a bit of his lecture/tutorial, I'll SCREW UP my paper.
Again, WHY?
It's becaz I dun practice any ques at home, I dun do reading....
I hate reading.... No no no... I can't say that. I should have loved doing reading, but I just find it so B-O-R-I-N-G!

Me... as usual, reach main block late....
Waiting for the bus driver.....
I dun understand....
They are supposed to leave the main block if the bus is half-filled or at least 10 people in the bus.
But they just dun move until the another bus comes back...
HIya.... made people late!!
I hate HELP!!
They never mean to help you... Do you agree?

Had fun in FME....
Then the boring MA class...
So confusing.
Okay, I admit that becaz it is my fault becaz I din turn up for class last week.
But wat... he doesn't know what is the question asking????
I dun understand....

Went to see the RSM people for lunch.
I requested to go to the Chili Pan Mee becaz I havent been there.
Nvm, Kenny is there for 9 months but this is his first time too.. Shame shame shame!

Lets look at the Pan Mee now...

It comes with an egg, ikan bilis, minced pork and of caz the pan mee.
They also give you a small bowl of soup like those normal pan mee soup.

You can put any amount of chili... as long as you are happy!!!
Hhahahaha... For mine, I dun want to risk my stomach, so i just put 2 1/2 spoons of chilies.

Okay, come to the taste now.
I would say it is special. It's not super-duper-nice.
But i like when they got mixed up!!
i dun like the egg york in this... raw!! Yer... digusting...
I threw mine to Kenny since he doesn't mine to have....
And i prefer the pan mee to be a little bit thinner..

Price wise, standard price for a bowl of pan mee is from 3-3.50 in KL.
But wat.. this is expensive. It costs 4.60 and is is not very big!
To comfort yourselves, please think that you have an additional egg in the bowl.
And you are eating in KL...... near Jln Sultan Ismail.

Drinks... they serve herbal tea... or you can grab canned drink.
I heard there is also side dish.... but i din bother to ask!
caz i dun feeling having them.

After sending them back to the office, i was thinking to meet my sis up at The Curve and do manicure...
Yes.. The curve again..
But i din want to go at the end...
I'm a bit tired and I only have 10 bucks left in my purse..
So i decided to go home.

As i reached home, I saw there is a parcel on the living room's table.
So i went to see who actually has a present or something.
Yes, it is mine.
But it's not a present.
It's the parcel from UoL...

My big parcel!!!

Happy happy, getting them but i will never read lah!

It's from them.....

The materials.....

Better start catching up since i wasn't around for almost 2 weeks...
Wake up.. and study!!

Today wasn't a sunny day becaz it rains actually...
But I feel very happy as i woke up in the morning.
I feel the sun is shining...
Something is wrong with me!


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