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Friday, September 30, 2005

Friday is a shopping day!

Woke up at 850 today...
Dun feel like going to class...
YES!! I did it again, i didn't go to class today AGAIN.
I'm keeping a record.
I didn't go to class since tue and i skipped the Monday class as well.
OKay... though I dun really have class but still... Thurs and Fri are the days that I'm supposed to be in class, sitting down and listening to the Mr. WW's lecture.
But, sorry, the more I listen, the more confused I am.

So i decided to take today off as well.
Yesterday wasn't on purpose!
But somebody made me think!!!

Okay... After so much thing done at home, I left after 1115 I think...
Went to Section 17 for lunch.
Haven't been there for so long for my fave Pork Ball Noodles.

This is the shop I used to have breaky on every sat morning before going for tuition.
It's located at PJ, Section 17.

My fave food!!
Dry Hor Fun with only Pork Balls...
Sometimes I'll have Hor Fun Soup!
Both them taste good, just that eating hor fun soup will take me longer time, becaz it's so hot!

Went to MV.
Why?? Caz I saw the D&P advertisement....
Amber Chia is wearing a nice bracelet.
I feel like seeing how is it like exactly.

Guess what... They dun have it in the showroom!!
But they show me in the photo...
Walau ei!! It cost 4200++
Oh my gosh.... I dun need such an expensive bracelet...
Forget it lah...
But they are trying to imitateTiffany & Co...

Wanted to watch The Myth...
But not enough time. Need to get home by 430.

Had a Durian Cendol at Oasis Foodcourt.
Saw my ex-colleague, Chun Chit!!
Oh ya, last week when i went to MV with Eu Jin them, I saw his car at the parking......
He is working for IGB... as IT support lah!

Had my window shopping here and there.
Tried some top, but i dun look nice in them.
Yes, I know why.
I got fatter again.
My weight fluctuates!!!!
Better control my appetite!

Okay... Show you something here.
I bought a tube top!!!
Can you believe that??
I actually bought one.

New top from Kookai... This really cost another bomb!!

Then the following is a hair chip.
Wai Shien gave this to me. She said I helped her in passing her Intro to Econs...
Did I??
She gave me a bookmark too...
Maybe is to hint me to

A hair clip from Wai Shien. As a pressie for help....

Oh ya! Nowadays, there are lots of things seeling at 3 for RM 10.
I grab some as well!!! Hahaha.
I can't stop myself form buying.
It's just too cheap!

New necklace in white.....

Bangle in white too.... Hahahaha!

Earrings again! But not in white.

Okay... it's late...
So i have to go back after buying something.
Guess what...
When I walked towards the car, I saw this idiot's car.
I dunno which idiot is that.
But I'm very very sure that there is sign showing cannot simply park the car or else they will clamp your car.
I'm so pissed!!!
Why people just ignore the signs and warnings?

This is the f&cking car that is not park in a proper parking lot!!!
I dun see any yellow box there!

Yeah... driver is skillful enough to get out from the parking space.
But to the Owner/User/Driver of WHK 6726,
Cant you just follow the rules??
If everybody does the way you do, what will the world be like???
I don't believe you can't find a parking if you wait for half an hour.
Mid valley Megamall is not Wallstreet in the US....
Not like u spend 2 hrs and you still can't get a parking!!!
Bloody idiot!

Okay... my mood is still good now though i have a headache!
I need a nap maybe...
I'm so happy....


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