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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Iris' Bday Party

Went to Iris' bday party on Sunday.
Reached late actually but still I dun see many people are there yet except the Bestarians and few of her frens and her BayBee not there yet, so I consider myself to be early!!!!

The first thing Iris said is "Pei Shan, you are getting thinner and thinner ah!"
As usual.... this is the cliche huh, Iris?? You like this so much!!!
I'm putting on weight lah!
I ate too much and now I have to stop eating to squeeze myself into my Levi's.
I want to buy a pair of 593, but I dun want to look too bad in that when I'm fat!!!
You are the thin one!!!

She had lucky draw for the nite, but I din get any present leh!!!! The draw must be planned... Maybe she din put my number in.... bleh!!
Her party was great. Food was great.
Tent is also very nice with big fan..... I dun feel hot even with my white jacket... Hahahahha!!!

I had fun at the party caz I haven't been meeting up with my fellow bestarians for very long. Missed the crab dinner with Wei Chuan and Audrey.

First pic of the day... With Wai Ling!

Iris' dog.... Half black and half white... Very funny!

Lay Sye & Steven, the all time love birds

With Bee Yam, the mini....

Standing: Khai Lim, Chi Yng & Joseph
Sitting: Bee Yam and Mervin (Mr. Charming of Monash)

Iris' bday cake with her face on it... Cool!!

Group Pic of SSB...

Another one... But this is looking at the rite camera!!

Mervin & Khai Lim

With Chi Yng.....

With the bday girl - Iris..
She toasts at every table.... Drinking red wine like drink plain water!!
I think she is drunk caz she can't stand properly!!!

Chi Yng and Iris....

I like Iris' dress though it's in GREEN!

Oh ya, I dunno if she likes the present we gave not!!!


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