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Saturday, October 08, 2005

The 11th of the 8th...

Went to watch Wait Till You're Older...
Chose seats at home via internet..
Hmm... Thinking the seats must be damn good lah since it's 2nd row from the back.

Got changed and everything.
Left home at 220... the show starts at 320.
And shit.. the tickets need to be collected at least 45 mins before the show starts....
Darn... I reached there at 2.50.
Late... Sei for loh.. sure no more tickets dee!

Guess what, i still got the tickets!
Okay... just go for the movie....
Telling myself, NO MORE SHOPPING!!

Look of the day....

After movie, of caz I want to walk around!!
Hmm... from ELLE to Vincci to Jusco to KFC....
I saw this!

The Chicky and M3....

Smelled KFC... Cannot dee!!
I'm hungry... I need food!
Went to eat Pao...

M3 and the Bao....

Teatime @ Baoz Specialist....

Their Kaya-Raya pao not bad... 99 cents only!
Better than you eat the fried fishballs...

After doing my windowshopping, left OneU for The Curve/Ikano!
But wait, I want to get some sweet-colour for eye-shadow..
I dunno which brand to go for!
Shu Uemura or Stila?
Or Christian Dior?
I like their new highlight set... but cost 160 for that small little limited edition eyeshadow.
I need to think about that.

And yes... I saw only one of the 3 pairs of shoes...
It's the first one.
The colour is not that blue that I wanted.
It made me feel like.... "Don't con me with the picture anymore"

Leaving the mall.... Heading to another...


Oh ya, they are putting a new screen!!
Showing advertisement to earn more money ?
or show us the promotion they have?

Yeah... I'm there!!!


Here I am again.
I prefer to park the car at the Curve.
Becaz I dun have to turn out to LDP again when i leave!

I was here last sunday (2nd) , tuesday (4th) and again today.
3 times a week....

Crossed the link-bridge to Ikano for dinner..
Again, it's my Fasta Pasta.
3 times in 3 months since August.
On the same date some more!!

Menu for dinner....

Chicken Parmigiana!!!
With turkey ham... Tasty tasty!

Spaghetti with Meatballs.....
Some how their pasta are fatter than those i bought.
I've tried that of Italiannies, so I have none to compare too.
But I can say, theirs is not bad, just the spaghetti is fat.

In the restaurant...

At The Curve after dinner & shopping...

The centre court at ground floor.... for Ramadhan....
A Kampung House... Kids can really go in to play!

The parking....
Do you know we are supposed to walk on the orangy path?


I got my bday present finally!!
True, my bday is over but I dun mind my present to come late.
Becaz I want to choose for myself!

My beautiful pendant from Lovely Baby Boy....
It costs another bomb to him!!!

Close up.. but cannot be seen lah!
Just 2 sweet-heart!!

Just want to remind you of me!!!
Muak.... <3


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