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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Weekend Posts....

Watched Zorro 2 yesterday.
We were not planning to watch this show but to watch Election.
But the seats available were 3rd row from the screen, so we changed our minds.

The show was quite entertaining.
But something happened when we were watching.
An SMS interrupted us.
I was so pissed.
Not becaz of the SMS but the lie behind.

I was so so so angry on the dishonesty.
Please please please dun lie to me.
Everytime I think about that, I feel so painful in my heart.

Had snack at Tako Tao

Today, we went to Ampang for Yong Tao Foo.
If you read "KY @ ", then I can tell you his map to Ampang YTF was wrong.
There is no way to turn near Police Station.
It is one-way....
Anyway, we found it...
It was raining... I was so scared if Ampang will have flood!

Dumplings in soup

First order....

Second order....

Asam Kembong!
This is good!

We ate here!!

But we dapao here!!! hahahaha..

The "crowd" of cars.....

We did not eat a lot becaz we ate with rice since we did not have our breakfast.
We ate around 230 for brunch....

I prefer "Foong Foong".
Their soups for YTF is dark and is very nice.
I will go again....
I like YTF but i did not order beancurd.....


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