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Thursday, December 08, 2005

1st "Reunion" with Tob

Date: 7th December 2005
Time: 2pm
Venue: Seed Cafe in Padini Concept Shop @ One U

Tob was back in KL on Saturday nite when all of us were in Sze Mun's house...
She gave me a suprise call on Sunday.
And after all my arrangement, I told her that I shall meet her on Wednesday after my club meeting at One U.
Yes, she made it.... and few others too...

Khai Lim and Hwee Ling

Iris, KL, HW and Wai Ling...

It's my turn to be in the picture while Iris was the Photographer.

We chatted for about 2 hours i think...
Talked about every single thing...
Though we did not see each other for so long, though sometimes she doesn't know what are we doing, but still we have lots of jokes to shares.. And we make "instant" jokes!!!

Tob Hwee Ling, I'm looking forward to meeting you soon!!!
I know you are going back in January.
But please please please give me at least another 3/4 times to meet you!


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