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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My Frist Christmas Tree

On Saturday too, went to Petaling Street to get christmas tree from Kin Foong's mom's shop..
The tree is qute cheap but when you choose all the ornaments and it summed up to be a "not-cheap-price" even after discount.
Dearie brought me there becaz he promised to buy me the tree.
This is the first time Champagne had the mission of going to Petaling Street...
And she started to get annoyed with all the traffic jam...

Look at the pic below.

Look at the orange colour icon....

We don't know what was wrong with her, but I know the car will still move.
and... the owner's manual written that if the light is on, please send it back to service centre.
So we sent her back on Monday.

After Petaling Street, and it was not the time yet to go to Sze Mun's Party.
Went to The Curve for a walk.

X'mas Deco in The Curve

We had drinks @ Coffee Bean.
I haven't visited Coffee Bean for some time.
And guess what...
I found this.
I am not sure whether this peppermint thing is out for long or wat...
But my first time drinking this was back in 1999 in Singapore around Christmas time too...
I like this drink...
I won't get jelak even drinking the whole cup..
The after-taste of peppermint is very refreshing.

I love this Peppermint Ice Blended Mocha... So yummy!

My tired-look after walking for 2 hours in Petaling Street!

When I came home after the party, I spent about 2 hours opening the leafs of the tree...
Decorating the tree with the LED lights and ornaments bought.

The Christmas Tree I bought.... (Before)

Ingredients A

Ingredients B

The Christmas tree in Night Mode (After)

It was very nice...
But what happened is...
The LED light does not work anymore...
Sad case sad case!
I dunno if I should bring the light back for exchange or what.
I think the cheap light has no warranty.


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