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Monday, December 12, 2005

My Weekend

Last weekend, I went to One U twice in a roll, Saturday & Sunday!!
Tried Dragon-i, price is reasonable.... But the tissue they are charging RM 1.00++
Hello... Should give free right since they are charging so much of tax?
Food there not bad....

Xiao Long Bao

Minced Meat Ramen
I can guarantee the meat given is definitely more than those in spaghetti bolognese...

We left early on Saturday becaz he had a wedding dinner to attend.

On saturday nite, we fought teruk-teruk.
I almost given up.
Being cheated for many many times.... and get blamed for all that!
Hey, I deserve all the lies from you?
I deserve that you treat someone else better than me?
I deserve that I am not the priority in your life???
Okay okay.... It's your choice!
I believe in KARMA!

We still went out as usual but very very late...
We had lunch+dinner at a cafe near my house before going to One Utama.

Genting Worldcard promotion....
So we went for Coffee Bean!

Ice Blended!!!!

Proudly present to you my super ugly look...
After crying so much, I deserve the look!
And I dun mind......

I looked super "chan"....

It's not that I write all these to complain about HIM.
I write a bit of that is becaz I do not want people think that I am a stress-free girl.
My previous posts all look so happy....
I still have my relationship prob...
I still have my family prob...
I still have not enough money to spend...
I still have many things to worry about and EXAM is the thing making my life miserable!
I am always sick nowadays!


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