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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Spore Trip - Day 1 & 2

I tell you huh...
I am supposed to leave my house before 9 am on 28th December...
So that I can drop by Malacca to eat the nice nice Chicken Rice Ball..
But ah the stupid driver only came at 10am..
So we fought teruk-teruk...

Okay.. finally we left about 11.45 to look for tyre shop to get a new spare-tyre.
Then we went for lunch during the waiting-time!

We entered the highway around 1310p...
Reached JB about 1630 or earlier... I can't remember!!
We went to have our tea at Lavender @ Taman Pelangi...
Everytime I am down at JB, I am sure to visit this shop.

But something we do not like is the parking system..
It is like the Singapore Style... not the KL or PJ style.
You have to get some parking coupons.. so that you can make holes on it!
At first we though of not getting the coupons and we are sure to kena summon but luckily we passed by a Hardware shop that actually sell that too!

After having tea....
We drove to my sis' office at Taman Sentosa - a super high crime rate place.
She refused to send us to the Bus Station because she said she does not know the way.
Okay... We took a cab there.

From the bus station we took a bus with the S'pore registration number to the customs.
It costs us RM 1.10.
Cheap.. But we don't know mah..
So we asked the driver loh..
The uncle ah... Damn lan si you know!!
We asked him and he asked us back : Where is this? Jb then use RM lah...
We got damn boh song...
How would I know lah.. You are with S'pore Registration number mah...
Si bei Chuen ah!

On the Bus 170 to JB Customs

Passed by City Square

We got through the customs from JB then to Woodlands one...
Very crowded in the bus...
We dropped off at Kranji MRT station and we took train from there to Simei.
My cousins came to pick us there..
Yeah.. We reached there...
And went back to their house for dinner....

The next day, we went to have breaky near my Uncle's house @ Tampines.
Wanted to eat kway chap but the stall is not opened so early.
So I just simply got soemthing to eat.
I had this:

First Breakfast : Curry Laksa

Looks very nice hoh?
But I can't taste any curry flavour.
All I ate is just noodles in red-yellowish coconut milk...

Then my cousin - Edmund brought us to NUS Museum becaz the Stupid Driver requested!

First Destination: Museum @ NUS

Things used by the Students that have gone to Mount Everest huh!!
NUS is rich enough to finance them... I also want!

The old school hostel setting!
I have no older generation that went for Uni.. So i have no idea how was it like!

Well... The University of Malaya is also 100 years old...
Of cause lah.. They are actually brothers..
But why huh?
One is on No 22 and another one is on No 100+ izzit???
I am not sure why.
But the Minsiter of Higher Education is still happy that it is in Top 200!!!

The classic pillow

Interesting one....

This is a very nice vase.

After that we took their internal used feeder bus to the Raffles Museum..

The campus...
Singapore is not that big but their campus quite big hoh!

Visited this as well..

Looks like peacock!

Large Turtle

Largest Crab!

My damn tired look after walking for one hour?

After that we took a cab from NUS to the Spore Science Centre at Jurong East. The lady cab driver doesn't really know hot to drive... because the way she drove quite scary.....

2nd Destination: Singapore Science Centre @ Jurong East

Their mission.. What is ours???


Admission Charges

The poster below quite cute hoh?

What do you see???

And what do you see now?

You can climb if you want to...

I am from Venus

We had lunch at McDonalds there... I had their new product:

First lunch: McDonalds @ Science Centre
Something they have but we don't... Rice Bugger huh!!
It is called Fan-tastic.. Fan as in Rice!!

Dear aka Stupid Driver had McSpicy... Similar to our Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. But I think ours is more spicy.

This is how it looks like..

How the fan-tastic looks like...
Very very hot!

The diiferent types of sauce provided! I like the tartar suace.

Wait wait wait..

I forgot to mention that we watched the movie in their theater...I watched till headache...

Lift the Metal Block.. I can hardly do it!!

Hot air balloon

Cycling. Heheheh!

By the plane...

Do you want to have a try???

Big Cockroache... Yucks!!

Singapore Power!!

The Shell Exhibits...

Model of Sonoko Power Station

Our big hibiscus

The eye....

The little boy's ears!

My nose is relatively small compared to this!

My bone!

My arms...

This is the most inteesting one... Baby... How I looked like!!

Making a Baby!!

I want to have a baby too .... One day lah!


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