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Friday, April 28, 2006

Shopping always makes me feel good!

Yaya... I remember I said that I am broke.
But certain thing I'm willing to dig my saving to spend on it...

Went to Isetan because it's a member pre-sale!!
I bought 5 tops...
I don't buy Guess.. I don't buy DKNY.
I go for cheap top because I need so much tops...
I'm not rich.. So in order to have plenty, I have to sacrifice the quality(maybe) for the quantity.

I bought 2 pcs of U2, 2 pcs of Nicole and 1 pc of Seed.
They were like so cheap!!!

He bought 2 pairs of pants.. Because he is putting on weight... (Hahahahahah, fei chai), 1 pc of polo shirt and 1 working shirt.
They were like so cheap.

Isn't that cheap??
Quick!! Go grab it.

Went to KFC for dinner after that...
He had:

OR Chicken Chop
It wasn't very very good..
I prefer the OR Fried Chicken.

I had:

Whipped Potato, Coleslaw, Coloslaw with Raisins, Snack Plate with OR Chicken.

Because of the spending, we got a free-2-hr-parking coupon.
But we only reached KLCC after 5... so the maximum rate for parking is 5 bucks.
So we don't have to pay a single cent for the parking.
Good good!

We pay nothing

On the way back, passed by Thai Club.
They have this banner outside the club..

Celebrate Labour Day @ Thai Club
Wow.. After a full-year of working days.... People only go to celebrate in Thai Club.
Do you really do this? Or you actually go there once a week.

Then I saw this also...
The govt is good..
They always let us know how much they did for us...
Good Good...

Petrol price!


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