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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Over the Rainbow

I saw this rainbow yesterday when I was in the car waiting for him.

I heart Rainbow

Where Rainbows End?

We don't get to see rainbow everyday...
But I saw rainbows twice with him.
I think it's twice or actually more?
I think I am quite lucky.

Have you heard the song "Over The Rainbow"...
I'm playing it now...
But I don't think the skies are blue when there is rainbow.

Everytime I see Rainbow, I am like a little girl ...
Telling people around there is rainbow...
I fell excited when I see it but the chances of seeing it is so low!

I have some thoughts today.
Our life is like a journey..
Long and filled with obstacles yet FUN.

I used to live one day at a time.
I don't know how long more I can live so I just do anything I want and I like.
I just don't want to get hurt over small matter so I just don't care what is happening.
I don't give a damn what others think of me because I would not know if you can still remember me when I die.

You can only have this kind of thought only if you are single or you are unattached to anybody...

I absolutely love freedom.
I like to do things without looking at others' faces!
I don't like people keep nagging me.
But what...
When you are with one.. You will get all that... especially you are married.

When you are married, you spend most of the time at home doing all the chores.
When you are married, you need to spare a day in a month or a day in a week for family day.
When you are married, you need blah blah blah....
So many things to do...!!

I always want to find out...
A marriage is between a couple or between 2 families??
What do you think?
I hope it is just between a couple.
Hopefully not that complicated.

Kat brainwashed me quite some time ago...
She was saying her bf's parents don't want any wedding dinner when her bf is getting married.
I was so curious especially her bf is the only son.
She said the parents don't like to have big event like that.
And she said.. It's pointless to have a big big big big wedding dinner and invite everybody to go to the dinner and the bride and the groom barely know them.
Good point, I see there!!

So if next time...
If I'm so lucky to have my wedding day, I'll have the wedding dinner separated into a few small dinners if I afford..
One for my school friends, one for my college friends, one for my colleagues, one for his school friends, one for his college friends, one for his uni friends, one for his colleagues, one for his friends etc etc...
Though there will be many dinners but I don't mind.
It is because in a small dinner, you get to talk to people nicely.
You get to tell people how you are lately etc etc.
Overall, it is warmer.

I used to attend all those wedding dinners in Hotels, Restaurants and halls..
But I hardly find people I know there.
So for the whole session, I spent my time eating and talking to the person that I know.
You get me?
I think private reception is a good idea!

Yeah.. Talking about this...
Actually, I want to be a wedding planner!
I'm not dreaming to be the C.E.O or President of all the big firms.
I'm just not that ambitious compared to certain people.
I just want to play a small role..
Helping people organise their important day in life.
I don't know when my dream is achieved but meanwhile I have to struggle over the notes and in the future, struggle over the work which may be something I don't really like.

Iris, marry a banker is quite cool...
But I don't want because I prefer quality time spent between husband and wife.
But of cause, that depends on you also!!
If you don't need quality time then it's ok!!
So you are really the woman behind a sucessful man!!!

Living happily is about pleasing people around you so you don't get annoyed?
It's about understand people around you so that you can get to know them better and react positively to them.
I'm trying to be positive now.

I was a very very stupid girl.
I don't give a damn as mentioned.
I don't do anything that I don't like to do.
But that was so stupid...
People, wherever you are, though it's not at your workplace, there is still politic.

I still remember Audrey said she wants to master the art of seduction.
Yeah... I want too...
But I need to master the art of politic first!
It makes life easy and easier.
I have to remind myself...
I am not pleasing people.
I am just doing something to make my life easy.
But... others don't hope to take advantage of me...
I'm not giving advantage to people easily.
And of cause I don't like to take advantage of others.
It makes me feel like I owe this or that person a life.
I just want an easy life.

I wish upon a star.
May I be wiser as time goes by.
May He has less stress from work and all.
May my friends relieved from difficulties and pain.
May people dislike me get to know me better in the future.
May all live happily and healthy.

Oh ya...
I would like to wish Khai Lim and His Mother a Happy Birthday again before the day ends.


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