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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Don't Cha!!!

Yesterday was so well organised.
I woke up at 10.30....
Then we were thinking of where to go...
Then I remember he might be joining his company bowling tournament soon.
Might only...
Not confirmed!!!
I was suggesting to go for bowling so he can practice more.
So... we went to One Utama for bowling!

I only played for 1 game because I don't want to waste his money.

Look man...
My record remained intact!!
Still 80..

After that...
I left him playing alone while I was coaching him..
Listen wei... I was COACHING him.
It's not that I can play well or what..
Just that I knew there is something wrong with his style of throwing
He can never stand properly.
Thus he lost his balance after throwing the ball..
That is so dangerous because it will actually injure ourselves.

Wah...Improving though only the difference of 5 pins

Then you see now...
We discussed more and this is what he got!

wow...This is unbelievable, 192!! 5 strikes with 3 in a row in the whole game.
192... That's a new personal record for him.He said that his previous best was 180, and that was made nearly 10 years ago.
Sap Sap Sui lah... with a coach like me!!

Don't cha wish your gf is a coach like me??

But damn..
He was too tired at the 4th game...
So result was a lil bit worse but it's still better than the first two games!

Oh....Going downhill!

I didn't eat breaky you know....
Only after the game is over then only we went for lunch.
Don't cha wish your gf is as understanding as me??
I'm just joking...
I'm a very evil gf actually...
I always make noise for food except yesterday!
I didn't know why...

We headed to Esquire Kitchen because I don't want to eat fastfood or any other thing because I don't want to hurt my throat.

We had:

Nasi Goreng Belacan
Okay lah...

Xiao Long Pao..
They are having 30% off for this..
I can't afford to eat 4 xiao long pao for RM 8 ++ all the time..
So I have to eat this.

As usual...
I did my window shopping because I am absolutely poor this month.
It's the end of the month and the month is too long for me before my next allowance.
Went to a few shops selling diamonds, enquiring about the prices like a rich tai-tai(hehehe)...
Guess what I am studying about diamonds now..
Bargain as much as you want.
A 14-thousand ringgit diamond ring with a less-than-1/2 carat diamond on it can turn to be 5K. (Without GIA Cert)
Cheap right?
I think it's okay.. But if I really want to buy, I'll bargain some more!

But I am in love with the 1/2 carat diamond with Lumiere brand worth about RM10,000.
She is offering me free setting of white gold.
Where to get a "waterfish" to buy me?
I'll get it one day.

On the way back, I saw this

To exercise my democratic right as a Malaysian citizen, I am registering as a voter.
Have you registered?
It is commendable that Election Commission (SPR) set up a booth at shopping malls to get people to sign up.
Can you believe it that there are about 3 million elegible voters who have yet to register?
And probably you are one of them!!!
Come on people, make your voices heard.

Guess what I'm a registered voter now!!


At 4/24/2006 05:06:00 PM, Blogger Katabana, SwitchMeister... said...

why vote when u know which parties are going to win?

At 4/25/2006 07:06:00 PM, Blogger Baby Princess said...

That means you know you gonna shit and you still eat ah?

How can you said like that?

If it's between MCA and DAP.. how you know who is gonna win??

At 4/25/2006 11:12:00 PM, Blogger Wizzerd said...

Don't follow the crowd, think about it.
Voting is not about winning or losing, it's not about being in politics, it's not even being pro-opposition or pro-govt.
It's about exercising your right as a citizen.
If we have a don't-care attitude, our future generations may not have a voice anymore.


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