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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

CNY Dinner

Went for dinner with RSM people at Lee Wong Kee Restaurant.
I was so scared to get trapped in the jam when people off from work, so I left my house after 5 and reached there quite early.

They are all so busy even now..
They don't really have time to talk to me..
That made me look so free... as always!!

9 of us went for the dinner and only 1 man there - Arul... the SM.
Chai Hong was there too...
I think this will be the last meal with her becaz she is quiting!

The meal was not bad except for the noodles....
Too soggy and tasteless!
The damage was about 250 shared by all of us!

My 1st yee shang for the year!
I am quite happy...
We had so much fun..

Kesian LBT & VC...
They both got teased by Chai Hong...


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